Available Summer 2024

Available Summer 2024



Learn how your mindset and belief systems impact your success in life, your career, and your overall level of personal and professional abundance.

Struggling to see the success you want in your career?

Quantum accountability is tapping into the energy within you to allow the world to happen “for you” not “to you.”

When your habits, choices, beliefs, and mindset (the nonphysical quantum) change how you see the world and allow you to take accountability in concrete physical circumstances, you will have achieved quantum accountability.

That “missing thing” is accountability.

Accountability is an omnipresent yet often overlooked factor in thriving in your career and finding a sense of purpose.

When properly integrated into your life, it shapes every decision, every action, and ultimately, your entire trajectory.

If you’re not taking charge of it yourself, those decisions are being shaped for you and not in your favor.

So, how do you leverage accountability?

You look at successful leaders. Past and present.

You learn how they used accountability in their own unique ways.

You reflect on your decisions and how you could have made better choices.

And you use that knowledge to inform how you’ll improve yourself moving forward.

I want to help you do just that.

It can seem like a daunting journey – I know, I’ve done it – but it’s worth taking.

So, I wrote my brand new book, Quantum Accountability, to guide you along that path so you can stop struggling and start thriving in your life.


Quantum Accountability

Embrace Your Mindset To Achieve Greater Results

Hi, I’m Dr. Kevin Kremer

I have 25+ years of personal experience as a Doctor of Dental Surgery, the owner of multiple successful practices, and the founder of a flourishing leadership institute.

I share that information with you not to brag but to give you confidence that I can help you to build the life you dream of living.

From the trenches of dental surgeries to the meeting rooms of franchise operations, I’ve experienced firsthand the immense impact of accountability on every aspect of a person and their practice.

In Quantum Accountability, I’m drawing on my decades of experience and the wisdom of leaders like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, and Navy Seal Jocko Willink to give you a multi-faceted deep dive into accountability.

We’ll delve into the heart of accountability, encompassing both the responsibility to your patients and the obligation towards your team and, most importantly, yourself.

You can expect to learn…

How to build better empathy and communication skills

What your current mindset is (and how to change it)
The right way to set goals

Why forgiving yourself and others is a superpower

The undeniable keys to developing deep focus

And much more.

I’ll ask you to challenge your beliefs and do things you’ve never dared to do in your career.

But if you apply what I share in this book, you’ll be a more effective leader, build stronger relationships with patients, make better business decisions, and know how to navigate the ever-evolving dental industry.

Technical skill isn’t enough to have a successful career. You need to be a leader.

Let's embark on this journey of accountability together and create more opportunities to innovate, lead, and succeed.

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About The Author

Dr. Kevin Kremer

Dr. Kevin Kremer has over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience in dentistry. With a passion for continuing growth, he holds multiple Fellowships and diplomatic status in organizations dedicated to Aesthetic dentistry, Full mouth reconstruction, and Implant reconstruction.

Dr. Kevin Kremer owns Kremer Leadership Institute, a mentoring and coaching organization, Kremer Dental Care bricks and mortar dental practices, the New Smile Now same-day dental implant process, and AegisCare patient membership and finance company.

With an abundance mindset, he is a strong proponent of contribution and is dedicated to being an advisor and ally to professionals and individuals struggling to navigate the realities of modern world issues.

His favorite question is, “How may I help you?

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